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What Are You Establishing for the Lord to Dwell In?
Manifesting the Reign of Jesus in the Earth!


Monday, December 4, 2017

Dear Faith-Filled Builders:

We have entered a week of rising up in a new way.  Yesterday’s Kingdom FIRST services launched us on an amazing course.  The Spirit of God is saying, “Let go of that which has caused you to be weighed down.  Let go of your heaviness and rise with Me.  This is a time of My people rising up and breaking forth. Rise up with Me and others will see you in a way they've not seen you before.  My plan is to favor you, so rise up and demonstrate FAITH that causes Me to manifest on your behalf.” 

During our time of Breakthrough Revelation, our faith was quickened as James Vincent shared on what God required from David and Solomon to restore the Ark of the Covenant and construct the Temple.  I loved his question to all of us: Have you established anything by faith for the Lord to come and dwell in?  James could not have known that the Lord had already been speaking to me about the Temple.  God is visiting us and making sure we understand how we must build the Kingdom, and fight for His Glory to be established.  

Ambassadors of the Kingdom!  During our Celebration Service, Robert Heidler continued our faith journey by sharing how Jesus did NOT come to start a religion.  Rather, He came to manifest the Kingdom of God in the earth.  The Church is an invading Kingdom and not a fortress to which we retreat. The Father gave us the keys to unlock this Kingdom, and sends us out as His ambassadors.  Be sure to also hear the webcast replay of Robert’s message on “Manifesting the REIGN of Jesus in the Earth!”  Now is the time to arise as His transforming ones sent out with His power and authority.

This Wednesday at Noon: Your Kingdom Come! 
On Wednesday at Noon, we will continue focusing on the Kingdom of God.  Janice Swinney will be teaching on “Your Kingdom Come!”  There is so much we can learn from the Lord’s Prayer, so let’s continue to seek His Kingdom first.  Everyone is welcome to join us in the Prayer Tower or by webcast (live or replay).

Bursting Forth in the Garden!
Israel Prayer Garden Israel Prayer Garden Israel Prayer Garden
Several weeks ago, we had a word in our Breakthrough Revelation to “expect fruit out of season.”  Amazingly, these three pictures were taken earlier today in the Israel Prayer Garden.  Join us in declaring this is your season to arise and bust forth with the Glory of the Lord!

Chuck D. Pierce

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