Glory of Zion International Ministries

Two Incredible Gatherings at Global Spheres Center!
Starting the Year Off Right (Dec. 29-31) and
The Year of the New Song (Jan. 19-21)!


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dear Advancing Ones:

One of my greatest desires is to see the Body of Christ receive the revelation that will help them advance through the door of their future.  The gatherings we host at the Global Spheres Center are timed so that we remain aligned with what the LORD is saying, to overcome.  Two key gatherings that I want you to enter into are Starting the Year Off Right on December 29-31, 2017 and The Year of the New Song on January 19-21, 2018

Many of you have already registered to join us later this month for Starting the Year Off Right! In times of great change, we do not want to venture out alone.  Rather, there is great wisdom in mobilizing for the release of revelation that will open up our way for the future. With leaders like Cindy Jacobs, Dan Hammer, Dutch Sheets, James Goll, John Kelly, Ray Garcia, Robert Heidler, and Venner Alston sharing what they are hearing from the LORD, this is sure to be an incredible weekend to help us end well and begin stronger!  If you are going to join us at the Global Spheres Center, be sure to register today at

Since this is also a time when Judah goes first, we wanted to host The Year of the New Song!  New songs break old cycles, and to establish the movement we need to secure the door to our future, we must make room for new sounds to break forth.  Therefore, this gathering on January 19-21 will feature extended times of worship and ministry by Dean Mitchum, Isaac Pitre, James Vincent, and Julie Meyers, as well as our Glory of Zion International Worship Team. This gathering will begin on Friday night (Jan. 19) and continue through Sunday morning (Jan. 21), which will include our Firstfruits Celebration for Shevat.  If you have a heart to help bring forth the new sounds that will cause us to overcome in days ahead, make plans to join us!  You can register by calling our office at 888-965-1099 or 940-382-7231.

Chuck D. Pierce