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Amazing New Video Series from Amber and Daniel Pierce to Help Answer Your Questions About Prophecy!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Dear Hearing Ones: 

Thank you so much for your prayers for our time here in Israel.  Tonight’s “Gathering of the Clans” hosted by Rose and Kevin Sambrook was a blow out!  The worship that ascended from this portal was just amazing!  We are seeing the Glory of Zion Ministry Center serve as a hub where the nations can assemble to magnify the King of Kings.  Below is a picture from this evening’s meeting here in the heart of Jerusalem. What a blessing to see three generations worshiping together (Haley Pierce, Amber & Daniel Pierce, and Chuck Pierce).  
Haley, Amber, Daniel and Chuck Pierce

In a few hours, we leave for the airport to fly on to Romania for The Triumphant Church Conference in Timisoara, Romania.  We minister on Friday night and all day Saturday, with groups coming from across that region.  So please continue to pray us on! 

New Video Series! The Prophets Speak from Jerusalem! Steve Shultz with Amber Pierce I am so excited about the new series that Amber and Daniel are developing here in Israel to help the Body better understand the gift of prophecy. You will love the interactive format where Amber asks many of the questions people have about prophecy and hearing the voice of the Lord.  Amber shares:

We are so excited to offer you another way to connect with us here in Israel.  I see that many people are disconnected and scared of the gift of prophecy.  I wanted to ask seasoned prophets the questions that I had when I first was saved and came to Glory of Zion.  I believe people still have those simple questions, and these interviews will be a way that we can simplify things concerning prophecy.  I believe that this will help many people of all ages.  This first video with Steve Shultz of the Elijah List will really encourage you!  Click HERE or visit the Glory of Zion – Israel website and enter in!  Earlier today we interviewed Chuck, so you can be looking for that segment and other helpful videos in the future. 

These videos will be great to share with others who have questions on understanding the prophetic, so be sure to watch their first segment today!

Chuck D. Pierce

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