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Watching for His Glory! Celebrate Firstfruits Kislev 5778!
A Month to Gain Strategic Revelation Over the Enemy!


Thursday, November 16, 2015

Dear Dreamers:

WATCH A NEW OPENING FOR A NEW DOOR!  We continue to move forward on the Illuminate Wing of the Miracle Center. This wing will be used for teaching Dance, Violin, Guitar, Voice, Drama and more to the community. Watch the New Door open! This is what it looks like in the Spirit for all of us. We need only $180,000 to complete this Harvest Outreach.
Making Way for the New Door!

Watching for His Glory! Celebrate Firstfruits Kislev 5778!
I am looking forward to this Sunday when we complete our final Glory Watch and enter into Firstfruits for the Hebraic month of Kislev.  This is a special time to celebrate since with Thanksgiving falling in this month, we can come into a whole new place of wholeness.  God gives us cultural holidays to help us enter our covenant holidays. This Sunday will be an amazing opportunity to pull aside, give our first and best to the Lord, and thank Him for His faithfulness all year long!  Our Final Glory Watch with Breakthrough Revelation will begin at 8 AM.  This will complete our seven days of completing a new circle for His Glory to come down in a new way.  James Vincent will be joining me and Anne Tate for this time of breakthrough revelation as we invite the weight of the Lord’s Presence to settle among us. 

FIRSTFRUITS CELEBRATION!   “KISLEV, the Month of Dreams, is a time to Receive God’s Revelation in the Night Watches!”  Join in!  As you give, expect night revelation, dreams, and visions to be activated in you.  Our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM will begin with rejoicing and seeding the atmosphere with our praise and worship.  When the Lord establishes a new cadence in the earth realm, we want to align with His calendar of blessing.  Robert Heidler will be teaching. As we worship, enter this month by hearing and moving in new ways. 

I know that many of you will be preparing a special offering for this time.  You can give online with our new giving system, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your gift to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202.

The Prophets Speak from Jerusalem!Dutch Sheets and Amber Pierce
You will want to watch the latest segment that Amber and Daniel have developed to help the Body better understand the gift of prophecy.  When Dutch Sheets and I were in Jerusalem earlier this month, Amber recorded separate interviews with both of us.  We’ve already shared the one in which I talked about my call to the nations, as well as the replay from the Awakening Gathering.  Now they also have the segment available from Dutch’s interview as he shares his testimony of shifting from teaching to “preaching from the river!”  You will really enjoy this interactive video with Amber asking many of the questions you might like to pose.  This is a great resource to share with others who have questions on understanding the prophetic.  Click HERE or on the graphic above to learn how to hear God’s voice in a new way.

Provision to Teach and Demonstrate!
As I shared on Sunday morning, there are several examples of how the Lord can bring provision into our path.  This next video highlights how God provides to teach and demonstrate.  As you watch it, declare that your redemptive call is being activated to demonstrate His love to others. Provision to Teach and Demonstrate!

Chuck D. Pierce