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Provision in Transition!  Must See Video!
Glory Watches Continue Tomorrow at 9 AM!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dear Transitioning Ones:

As I shared on Sunday morning, I had a very interesting encounter over the weekend of how the LORD can bring provision into our path. When you experience a raven landing on your car, looking you straight in the eye, and bringing you a French fry, it’s time to take note!  This short video highlights how God provides for us in times of transition.  Watch it now and join me in thanking the LORD for His sustenance in our times of transition. 
Take Me to the River!

A New Cycle of Glory!  7 Days of Watches Continue Tomorrow at 9 AM!
We are continuing to advance in establishing a cycle for God’s glory to be manifested in a new way.  We have completed our first two of seven watches, and will rotate through the following times.

Wednesday at 9 AM (Miracle Center)
Thursday at Noon (Prayer Tower Entrance)
Friday at 3 PM(Gym Entrance)
Saturday at 6PM (Arbor Entrance)
Sunday at 8 AM (Tabernacle)

Tomorrow’s “Glory Watch” at 9 AM will be led by Tobias Lyons in the Miracle Center.  If you are not able to attend or watch the live webstream, all of our watches will be available by replay (including those already posted from Monday and today).  Find your times to enter into these times of prayer, praise and worship, and prophetic declaration for a new outpouring of Glory.  Also, notice our watch on Sunday will now begin at 8 AM. 

Chuck D. Pierce

If you would like to give to the ongoing work of this ministry you can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202.