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A New Cycle of Glory Watches Begins Today at 6 PM!


Monday, November 13, 2017

Dear “Need-ed” Ones:

This Sunday was an amazing time of new paths and directives from the Throne!  During our Wilderness Faceoff Watch, new decrees of manifestation and glory were released.  In the Early Service, the Spirit of God wrapped us with a glorious three-fold cord of prayer, worship, and prophecy.  I loved how James Vincent led us in an extended time of worship to break open a prophetic progression of sound and movement.  His exhortation on walking in spirit and truth was so powerful.  We concluded with a commission to go where we “need” to be, to display spirit and truth.

The God Who Provides!  During our Celebration Service, we continued to worship and see a prophetic portal manifest.  Before I shared on “The Power of Life, we were honored to have Jobst Bittner from Germany share about the work he is doing with “the March of Life.”  Not only has he helped organize memorial and reconciliation marches at Holocaust sites across Europe, but he is spearheading the March of the Nations in Jerusalem on May 13-15, 2018.  I look forward to being a part of that gathering being held in conjunction with Israel’s 70th anniversary of statehood.  To register or learn more about the March of the Nations, I encourage you to visit  I then shared on how we are to keep moving forward in this year to go through the door.  When Jesus said, “I am the door,” He was providing access to abundant life.  He provided example after example of His love through redemption and the release of sustenance.  If you were not able to join us, be sure to watch the replay to hear four ways He provides for each of us.   

A New Cycle of Glory!  7 Days of Watches Starting Tonight at 6 PM!
As we worshiping yesterday morning, I heard the Spirit of God declare that these next seven days need to be a time of circling to establishing His glory in a new way.  Therefore, we are going to rotate through watches over the next seven days:

Monday at 6 PM
Tuesday at 6 AM
Wednesday at 9 AM
Thursday at Noon
Friday at 3 PM
Saturday at 6 PM
Sunday at 7:30 AM

Tonight’s “Glory Watch” at 6 PM will be led by Anne Tate in the Tabernacle, and will also be available by webcast (live and replay).  Our Tuesday morning watch will be on Solomon’s Porch, and will be available as a replay later that day.  Find your times to enter these times of prayer, praise and worship, and prophetic declaration for a new outpouring of Glory. 

The Apostolic Church is Arising … in Northwest Alaska
Kivalina, Alaska
This past week, Robert and Linda Heidler ministered in Alaska. Over the weekend, they taught in the Eskimo village of Kivalina.  As you can see in the picture above, that area of northwest Alaska is cold!  With wind gusts of 30-45 mph, they actually saw a bird flying backwards!  They had key gatherings to teach on the apostolic church, and ended yesterday morning with a commission from Robert to now minister like the New Testament Church.  Join us in declaring that the apostolic church is arising in Alaska! 

The Apostolic Church Arising!  - Also Available as CD Audio Book and MP3 Audio Book!
Apostolic Church Arising Book 
The Apostolic Church Arising traces the history of the original apostolic centers that we read of in the New Testament to the “now” of their multiplication and existence.  This will help you better understand the apostolic prototype the Lord created for His Church to overcome the gates of hell.  Join the Triumphant Reserve who is embracing the administration of a new apostolic church, filled with power and glory!  As you read or listen to this book, you will sense yourself arising with Kingdom power and authority.  Become one of those who demonstrates His glory today! 

Book Special: $9 (regularly $15); also available in Chinese for $12
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Specials good through November 20, 2017

Chuck D. Pierce

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