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Gaining Revelation to Break Through Your Portal!  Rejoicing in the Word!  Garden Glimpse of Psalm 148!


Monday, October 9, 2017

Dear Empowered Ones:

Yesterday morning was an incredible time of revelation and activation as the Lord met us at every turn with His power and His presence.  Linda Heidler broke open our corporate time together at 8:00 with Dream Revelation: A Key to Your Breakthrough Portal! Not only did we hear amazing dreams, but we moved through the process of understanding, interpreting, and activating dream revelation as numerous individuals shared what was seen and heard in each one.  The 9:30 service shifted us even more powerfully into the manifestation of Heaven on Earth as worship and prophetic revelation helped activate the miraculous! Our hearts were full and ready to celebrate the Word of God as Robert Heidler taught on Simchat Torah: Rejoicing in God’s Word!  In this Tabernacles week, don’t miss your opportunity to dance your way into the Year ahead with a new zeal for all of God’s written Word! 

A Garden Glimpse of Psalm 148!
Monarch Butterfly Sunrise Over Vineyard

Key Resources to Help You Hear God’s Voice in a New Way!
I continue to be amazed at the beauty and presence of the Lord in our Gardens.  Not only does the God of all creation cause the caterpillar to transform to the beautiful butterfly, but He also paints the skies with His glory.  The first picture shows a monarch butterfly stopping in Reuben on its southerly migration, and the second is of daybreak over the vineyard.  Take time to join us in declaring Psalm 148 … let all creation praise the Lord! 

Key Resources to Help You Understand Dream Revelation!
Learning to hear and recognize the voice of the Lord is so important.  Dreams have three levels of revelation, and we must learn to interpret at a new level this year.  When we gain revelation, obscure things can become clear, and the hidden can come to light.  Each of these resources can help you interpret symbols and signs to direct you on your path of destiny.
When God Speaks!  Living in the Spirit of  Revelation  

Dream Interpreter  A to Z Dream Symbology  

When God Speaks by Chuck D. Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema
SPECIAL: $9 (regularly $14)
(also available in Chinese [$12], Korean [$12], Portuguese [$12] and Spanish [$11])

Living in the Spirit of Revelation by Chuck D. Pierce, Robert Heidler, James Goll and Barbie Breathitt
SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $50) for CD or DVD set

Dream Interpreter by Barbie Breathitt
SPECIAL: $11 (regularly $12)

A to Z Dream Symbology Dictionary by Barbie Breathitt ($50)

Chuck D. Pierce

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