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Prepare the Way with What You Say!
Wilderness Watches Continue!


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dear Way Preparers:

Thank you so much for praying for our flights to Israel.  We have arrived safely and are looking forward to tomorrow night’s AWAKEN ... from Israel to the Nations!  There is such a synergy when the Lord allows Dutch and me to minister together, and we have great expectation for what will be birthed as we join with the rest of the team at the Glory of Zion Ministry Center here in Jerusalem.  Please join us in praying for an alignment of Heaven and Earth that opens ancient doors and causes sounds of awakening to break forth.  In this year of firsts and new beginnings, we want the Breath of Heaven to blow here … so that it can then be poured out in your nation!

Prepare the Way with What You Say!
This is a key time to “frame” our atmosphere.  As LeAnn Squier was leading in worship on Sunday morning, she gave an incredible overview of how our breath forms the pathway before us.  She shared, “I see that we are preparing a way with the words of our mouth. We are preparing a way with the expectation of what we say. We begin to lay down a track. We begin to lay down access to the Lord. We begin to lay down access to the angelic with the words we speak out of our mouth. We are not grumbling or complaining, but speaking words of hope and expectation, and the words of the Father are in our mouth.”

I then heard the Lord say, “I have a new place for you. I have a spot for you to be in, but now you must speak that way into existence so you stand in the place I’m telling you to stand. For these are new days of taking new stands.  Prepare the way for your stand.  What you say is what you create.  Prepare the way with what you say!” 

The word of God says that He sends an angel to guard your mouth.  This is a time that we must invite His angels to guard our mouths.  Here from Israel, I am declaring your lips will be touched, and that your breath and speech will prepare your next place of breakthrough and provision. 

Wilderness Faceoff Watch!  Wednesday at 6 PM and Sunday at 7:30 AM!
Wilderness is not the same as captivity. Therefore, we must not equate a wilderness season as one of oppression and domination.  Rather, this is a time when can hear and meet God in ways that cause us to come out with power.  To help us overcome the opponents which block our advance we will continue our Wilderness Faceoff Watches.  The next two watches will be tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6 PM in the Prayer Tower (led by Tobias Lyons) and on Sunday at 7:30 AM in the Tabernacle (led by Janice Swinney).  Whether you join us onsite or online, I encourage you to contend for the promise that awaits you. 

Chuck D. Pierce

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