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Who Will You Encounter?  Chuck Pierce this Sunday with “I AM Who I AM!” and Robert Heidler with “The Sending of the 70!”


Friday, October 27, 2017

Dear Advancing Ones:

This has been a demanding week, but I am joining all of you in pressing through any wilderness to contend for His promises.  In this month of grace, we have a God who desires to meet and speak to us.  He longs for us to embrace His goodness and the truth which will set us free.  That is why I am expectant for Holy Spirit to direct us on Sunday morning at the Global Spheres Center.  We will begin our Early Service at 7:30 AM to include a “Wilderness Faceoff Watch” and worship before we transition into the message the Lord has been speaking to me on “I AM Who I AM!”  During our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM, we will continue to align with the Hosts of Heaven in praise and worship before Robert Heidler teaches on “The Sending of the 70: Raising Up a New Generation of Apostles!” I hope many of you will be able to join us for this time of equipping and commissioning. 

Weekly Replays from the Glory of Zion Ministry Center in Israel!
Next week I will be leaving on an international trip to Israel, Romania and India.  While in Israel, I look forward to returning to the Glory of Zion Ministry Center.  We’ve seen dozens of nations stream into this hub, and incredible new sounds of worship are arising in that land.  Daniel and Amber are hosting weekly gatherings, and you can see their latest webcast replay by clicking HERE. I would also encourage you to learn more about the schedule of activities by visiting the Ministry Center website (  As you will see, Dutch Sheets and I will be partnering together on November 1 for an “Awakening!” meeting, followed by the “Gathering of the Clans”.  We cannot thank you enough for making this Ministry Center a reality and a place where we can host bring together a remnant from across the land.  Continue to declare this portal of worship will usher in new measures of Glory to the Great I AM!

Overcoming … Inch by Inch and Step by Step!
A New Mantle for Hong Kong
One of the people who exemplifies overcoming is Doris Wagner.  Even with her lag amputation, she has continued to press through the grief of Peter’s homegoing, and recently was fitted with a prosthesis.  She has now begun therapy to learn to walk on two legs … after FIVE years of not walking at all.  She is truly an awesome example for all of us, and has displayed great faith over the last year.  Let’s join in declaring GRACE over her as she continues to step through her new doorways of opportunity and promise in 5778. 

Shabbat shalom,
Chuck D. Pierce

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