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The Wilderness Word!  Two Key Resources to Help You Find God’s Purpose for Taking You Through the Wilderness!


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dear Word Receivers:

We all are destined for wilderness seasons. I would love to say that you will never experience a wilderness time, but that is not a biblical principle. Wilderness is a biblical principle. The wilderness is likened to our word for “desert.” In reality, during biblical times, the wilderness was usually a rocky, dry wasteland.  As I share in A Time to Defeat the Devil, if you review carefully every one of your wilderness times, you will see that during those times, the Word became much more powerful in your life. The Word that we receive in our wilderness place can be a great key to help us to see past the wilderness and learn to overcome murmuring, complaining, and fear in the future.

Many times in your wilderness experience, God will begin to show you your promise. You will have an opportunity to mix the word of promise with faith or to choose to enter into fear over the resistant forces that you will have to face in your quest for God to manifest the promise. One of the greatest dangers of your wilderness season is that you may choose not to mount up with a mind to war over your promised inheritance. In the Israelites’ wilderness wanderings, a whole generation was led astray by the leaders, who discouraged the people from entering into war over God’s promise for their lives.

When you find yourself in the wilderness, you always have that same choice. You can trust in God’s faithfulness and be filled with anticipation OR you can give in to fear and be filled with anxiety. You can remember what God has done in the past and choose to believe He will provide again OR you can focus on your problem and grumble in unbelief. You can lift up your hands in praise and commit your life to Him OR you can throw up your hands in despair and try to find your own path. You always have a choice, and the choice you make determines your future.  In this Hebraic month of Cheshvan, I am declaring an outpouring of GRACE will help you choose the Word that carries you through the wildernesses and into His promised blessing.
Two Key Resources to Help You Find God’s Purpose for Taking You Through the Wilderness!

Time to Defeat the Devil – with a chapter on The Word Key!
Time to Defeat the Devil
As we all know, times are changing, and there is a historic shift occurring in the church today. In the midst of this change the enemy would try to distort our vision so we lose our way. The Lord stirred me to write this book so we would not shrink back, but learn to see in a new way, and embrace the authority and power we have been given through our risen Lord, Jesus Christ.  The 20 chapters in this book will take you through a journey where you learn how to:

  • break free from life's past seasons of trauma, grief and loss
  • enter into a new level of freedom and victory
  • walk into the new season and times God has for you
  • understand and know the wiles of your enemy
  • understand what vexation is and how to break its grip

Perhaps what makes this book most unique is the focus on how to break the power of vexation and to renew our human spirit. Like righteous Lot, the enemy seeks to vex our spirit so that we become traumatized and fragmented. If he can block our spirit, he can stagnate our relationship with the One who created us, and overtake our soul. However, we have a FATHER of our human spirit who is able to renew and nourish our spirit! Learn how He longs to see us restored and made whole, and how we can "exercise" our spirit and commune with Him in a new way.
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Getting Past Your Wilderness Stops - Special Extended!
Getting Past Wilderness Stops
When leaving one season to cross into the new, we must move beyond what would ensnare, detour or capture us.  Our Issachar School course on "The Journey: Making it through the Stops in Your Wilderness!” is a great resource for this time, with class sessions on:
Overview of the Journey! by Robert Heidler
40 Days of Resistance: Jesus’ Example in the Wilderness! by Chuck D. Pierce
Kadesh Barnea: Mixing the Promise with Faith! by Robert Heidler and Chuck Pierce

This set also includes other teachings to help you find your way into your promised inheritance:
Thankfulness in a Season of Transition! by Robert Heidler
What to Look for in a Time of Change and Vision-Shifting: Old and New Testament Perspectives! 
by Chuck D. Pierce
Let Go and Enter In - The Journey is ONLY 11 Days!
by Keith Pierce
GO IN!  Your Manna Days Have Come to an END! 
by Robert Heidler
Following the Good Shepherd Through Your Wilderness!
by Robert Heidler
Press Forth! The Enemy Does Not Want You to Go Any Further into Your Wilderness!
by Chuck D. Pierce

Finally, two key prayer meetings are also included in this powerful set: Run with Patience and Eye Has Not Seen.
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(specials good through November 2, 2017)

Chuck D. Pierce

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