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Firstfruits Celebration this Sunday!  On the Road Again! 
Key Resources to Help You Go Through the Gates!


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dear Advancing Ones:

Join us this Sunday for our Firstfruits Celebration!  Wilderness Faceoff Watch!  Continued Revelation on Yeshua’s Wilderness Faceoff!  Robert Heidler’s teaching for the Hebraic Month of Cheshvan!  Free breakfast!  Look for more details tomorrow!

On the Road Again!
This is such a busy time for me as I have been begun traveling nonstop.   As you can see below, my schedule over the next few weeks is very demanding and I would greatly appreciate your ongoing prayers.  I just returned from an amazing meeting with Bishop Hamon at Christian International, and fly out early tomorrow morning to join Apostle Negiel Bigpond and many other native leaders at All Tribes DC.  As he shared during our Head of the Year Celebration, this National Day of Prayer led by the Host People and original Gatekeepers of this land is to come together with one heart and mind to bring healing to our nation through the power of forgiveness and prayer.  This tipping point gathering is tomorrow from noon – 9 PM, and Apostle Bigpond is asking for our prayers.  Any time you host a gathering in Washington DC, the financial needs can be very demanding. In addition to praying for the necessary resources, please also agree they will have favor on every side, and that no confusion or contention will block what the Lord desires to bring forth for this nation.  On Sunday morning, I will be back at the Global Spheres Center and look forward to seeing many of you for our Firstfruits Celebration for Cheshvan.  In this “Firstfruits” year, let’s prepare to bring our first and best to the Lord!

Oct 20               All Tribes DC Washington DC
Oct 22 (AM)       Firstfruits Celebration for the Hebraic Month of Cheshvan, Corinth TX
Oct 24 – 25        Faith that Changes Nations, Oklahoma City OK  (405) 463-4900
Oct 26               Northwest Prayer Summit, Portland OR
Oct 27 (PM)       Fall Men’s Advance, Columbus TX  (888) 344-2962
Oct 30 – Nov 9   Israel, Romania, India
Nov 1 (7 PM)     Awaken!  Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets from Israel to the Nations!  Jerusalem ISRAEL
Nov 2 (7 PM)     Gathering of the Clans! Jerusalem ISRAEL
Nov 3 – 4          The Triumphant Church Conference! Timisoara, ROMANIA
Nov 7 – 8          Apostolic Revolution Gathering! West Bengal INDIA

Key Resources to Help You Go through the Gates!
In this year of the DOOR, we want to provide you the resources that can help you mount up and press into your next place of promise.  Here are three great options that will help your expectations arise.
Going Through the Gate!  Unlocking Triumph!  Going Through with Worship!

Going Through the Kingdom Gate: Entering Your Future! by Robert Heidler and Chuck Pierce 
This Issachar School course is filled with fresh revelation and insight.  Gain a deeper understanding of the grace, covenant, worship, and warfare gates and how Heaven’s and earth’s gates connect.  Also learn how to contend for and possess your gates.  Now is your time to advance through the gates!  Some of the topics covered in this course are:

  • Escaping Legalism
  • Righteousness by Grace
  • Understanding Covenant
  • The Power of Covenant
  • The Key to Overcoming Faith
  • Resisting the Devil 
  • Earth Reflects Heaven’s Will
  • Revelation at the Gate

SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $99) for CD or DVD set

Unlocking Triumph!
God’s people were always meant to prevail at the gates of hell. To do that, we must unlock the sound of overcoming. This recording project from the Glory of Zion International Worship Team is helping unlock the sound of Heaven for today that will cause us to triumph in days ahead. Tracks include “I Know Who I Am”, “Go Up Again”, “Watchmen Arise”, “I Will Run”, “The Blood Speaks”, “You Overcame” and many others. 
SPECIAL: $10  (regularly $15)

Going Through the Gates with Worship by Chuck D. Pierce, Robert Heidler, JoAnn McFatter, and Paul Keith Davis
If you are yearning to shift into a new dimension of victory and overcoming, this Issachar School course can help break you through the resistance at your next gate of opportunity. Topics include:

  • Understanding the Priority of Praise!
  • The Power of the Sound of Praise
  • Let the Sound of Victory Ring Forth!
  • Worship

SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $99) for CD or DVD set
 (specials good through October 25, 2017)

Chuck D. Pierce

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