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Wilderness Faceoff Watch – Wednesday at 6 PM and Sunday at 7:30 AM!  Getting Past Your Wilderness Stops!


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dear Advancing Ones:

The wilderness is a place of transition.  As I shared on Sunday morning, wilderness and promise are linked.  Therefore, the Hebrews coming out of Egypt had to go through the wilderness to get to their Promised Land. There are times you can’t get to your destination without passing through the wilderness.  During this week of heightened intensity, we want to remain focused on facing off what may oppose us.  Tomorrow at 6 PM we will have a Wilderness Faceoff Watch led by Linda Heidler.  Whether you join in the Prayer Tower or online, I encourage you to contend for the promise that awaits you. 

On Sunday morning we will resume our Wilderness Faceoff Watch.  Our Early Service will actually begin at 7:30 AM to provide added time for intercession and worship prior to when I look forward to ministering on Yeshua’s Wilderness Faceoff.  We will then take a break and resume at 9:30 AM for our Firstfruits Celebration Service when Robert Heidler will be teaching on the blessings associated with the Hebraic month of Cheshvan.  Let’s keep advancing!

Getting Past Your Wilderness Stops!
Getting Past Wilderness
When leaving one season to cross into the new, we must move beyond what would ensnare, detour or capture us.  Our Issachar School course on "The Journey: Making it through the Stops in Your Wilderness!” is a great resource for this time, with class sessions on:
Overview of the Journey! by Robert Heidler
40 Days of Resistance: Jesus’ Example in the Wilderness! by Chuck D. Pierce
Kadesh Barnea: Mixing the Promise with Faith! by Robert Heidler and Chuck Pierce

This set also includes other teachings to help you find your way into your promised inheritance:
Thankfulness in a Season of Transition! by Robert Heidler
What to Look for in a Time of Change and Vision-Shifting: Old and New Testament Perspectives! 
by Chuck D. Pierce
Let Go and Enter In - The Journey is ONLY 11 Days!
by Keith Pierce
GO IN!  Your Manna Days Have Come to an END! 
by Robert Heidler
Following the Good Shepherd Through Your Wilderness!
by Robert Heidler
Press Forth! The Enemy Does Not Want You to Go Any Further into Your Wilderness!
by Chuck D. Pierce

Finally, two key prayer meetings are also included in this powerful set: Run with Patience and Eye Has Not Seen.
SPECIAL: $25 (reg. $60) for CD or DVD set!
(special good through October 23, 2017)

Chuck D. Pierce

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