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Your Wilderness Faceoff!  Gaining Momentum to Lay Hold of Your Promise!  Walk Out Your Word: Nevertheless!


Monday, October 16, 2017

Dear Accelerating Ones:

I am still processing all that happened during yesterday’s services!  Holy Spirit led us in a progression of amazing worship, powerful prophecies, and incredible revelation!  In this week of heightened intensity, be ready to engage in your wilderness faceoff that opens the pathway to your promise! 

Nevertheless!  In our Early Service, expectation met the miraculous when Chad Foxworth’s word of Nevertheless exploded into the atmosphere! We were challenged to move out on the Word of the Lord into new dimensions of faith – pressing into and through the breakthrough portal of God’s power.  Bring every hopeless situation into a decree of faith … now is your time to shout NEVERTHELESS!

From Wilderness to Promise! Many are taught that wilderness should never be a part of their lives. Biblically, we find that it’s not always a negative thing to be in the wilderness. Like the Hebrews coming out of Egypt and Jesus being tempted for 40 days, there are times when God leads all of us into the wilderness.  However, God doesn’t want you to live, wander or die in the wilderness.  Rather, He uses the wilderness to open the door to your promise.  The Lord woke me very early yesterday morning to gain key revelation on “From Wilderness to Promise!”  I encourage you watch this webcast replay from our Celebration Service and allow the Breaker to go up before you.  Do not fear the “two roars” between your door of opportunity … this is your time of Wilderness Faceoff!

A Time to be Fearless!
Lily, my granddaughter in Israel, just started editing lion videos.  Click HERE and declare that we will walk as lions! 
The Time Series – All Three for Only $25!
Interpreting, Redeeming and Defeating 
Earlier today I began to review the three books in my “time” series.  Oh my!  So much of what I read manifested in yesterday’s services.  I will be setting aside time to review all three of these books, and wanted to offer them as a special package this week for only $25.  The enemy would seek to adjust our time so that we miss our moment and our momentum is broken.  These books will not only help you understand the time, but how to overcome the wiles of the enemy and walk in victory!

Interpreting the Times
Redeeming the Time
Time to Defeat the Devil
$12 each or all three for only $25!
(special good through October 21, 2017)

Chuck D. Pierce

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