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Wednesday at 6 PM: Stepping into the Revelation of Tishri!  Oasis Wing Expansion Accelerates! Key Resources to Help You Celebrate God’s Word!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dear Advancing Ones:

We are continuing to press forward into 5778 and the revelation associated with this Hebraic month of Tishri.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6 PM, Anne Tate will be leading a corporate prayer watch to help break open the prophetic understanding of this time frame.  Whether you join us in the Prayer Tower or online, or attend on site, I encourage you to celebrate the Word of the Lord for this Tabernacles season. 

The Oasis Wing Expansion Accelerates!
HVAC Installation Insulation and DryWall Work
Following our latest inspection, we are pressing forward with expansion of the Oasis Wing.  In addition to installing the heating/cooling system, we are insulating and finishing the drywall.  Please continue to pray for the completion of this project, so we can open additional space for outreach as soon as possible.  If you would like to give towards this expansion you can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your gift to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202. 

Key Resources to Help You Celebrate God’s Word in this Tabernacles Season!
In the days we are living, it is important to discern prophetic revelation correctly.  However, many do not understand how to read their Bible effectively or how the Spirit and the Word create reality in our life.  Each of these resources will help you gain a better understanding of the reality of God.  Learn to study the Bible from a Hebraic understanding in order to gain insights to the Word by the Spirit of God. Now is the time to understand the power of the Word!

The Word and the Spirit I: Developing a Hebraic View of the Bible by Robert Heidler
SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $99)

The Word and the Spirit II: Understanding the Reality of God! by Chuck D. Pierce
SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $99)

Taking Up Your Sword: Gaining a Strategic Grasp of the Bible! by Chuck D. Pierce, Robert Heidler and Linda Heidler
SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $99)
(specials good through October 17, 2017)

Chuck D. Pierce