Sign Up Now for THE YEAR OF THE NEW SONG! (Jan. 19-21)
Bringing the Sounds of Heaven into Your Garden on Earth!


New songs break old cycles, and new sounds break us into new seasons.  In fact, new movements must be preceded by new songs!  In a year of “firsts” and new beginnings, we must see Judah rise up and go first!  That is why I want you to join us on January 19-21 for The Year of the New Song!  To go through the gate of 5778/2018, we must align our worship with the sounds of Heaven.  We look forward to entering into an amazing variety of worship styles and anointings with ministry led by Dean Mitchum, Isaac Pitre, James Vincent, Julie Meyer, and Richelle Garcia, as well as our Glory of Zion International Worship Team.  Robert Heidler and I will also be imparting throughout this weekend, which includes our Firstfruits Celebration for Shevat. 


Sign up today at or by calling 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231.  We will begin on Friday evening (Jan. 19) and meet through Sunday morning (Jan. 21).  Don’t miss this amazing gathering that will help bring the sounds of Heaven into your garden here on earth! 



Chuck D. Pierce