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A Sunday of Sound: The Spiritual Power of the New Song!
  Let Me Strike You with My Lighting: Enter into Your “Conducting” Season!


Monday, January 29, 2018

Dear Sound-ing Ones:

I am just back from Las Vegas after ministering all day yesterday at the Goulet’s Prophetic Conference.  Like the gatherings in The Netherlands to England, each session was just amazing.  I simply could not keep pressing forward without your prayers and support, so thank you for helping me to complete this assignment.  I will be home until Friday when I leave for Middletown, Ohio to join Apostle Tim Sheets (along with Apostle Dutch Sheets and Apostle Jane Hamon) at the Prophetic Summit 2018!

A Sunday of Sound!
With the time change, I was up early yesterday morning in Nevada praying for the services at the Global Spheres Center.  If you were not able to enter in, you will want to watch the replays.  We must continue releasing the new sounds and songs that will allow us to express the fullness of our identity.  During the Breakthrough Revelation, Tobias Lyons and the Judah Team lead us on an amazing journey of “W”Rapping in the Word!  The freedom of expression and sound led to new songs breaking forth as well as testimonies that will cause your faith to soar! 

During our Celebration Service, Robert Heidler taught on “Opening Heaven with a New Song: The Spiritual Power of Sound!”  There is power in the sound we release, and all of us have a unique portion to bring forth.  Don’t miss Robert’s activation, as well as his assignment to get alone with the Lord daily this week and sing a new song.  This is the time to release your praise, open the heavens, and let a new sound bring you into a new cycle of blessing. 

This Wednesday at Noon: Robert Heidler Continues Breastplate Series!
Robert Heidler will continue our “Breastplate” series on Wednesday at noon.  In a season to be mantled in new ways, we must understand how to wear His righteousness.  Robert’s third teaching in this study will be: “A Tale of Two Breastplates: Your Breastplate of Righteousness!” All of you are welcome to join us in the Prayer Tower or online (live or by replay).  

Let Me Strike You with My Lightning: Enter into Your “Conducting” Season!
During our New Song Celebration, portals of sound, song and prophetic revelation were activated.  Here is one of the prophecies that came forward that will help position you in this “striking” season. 
“Many of you don’t think that I can find you to strike you, but I am in the striking mode.  I am sending My lightnings from heaven and finding those who can capsulize My lightnings.  Get ready, for the striking is beginning for those who are willing to hold My lightning. Be ready to say, ‘Here I am, Lord - I am ready to be struck from heaven with your lightning!’  Some of you have been afraid to be energized by Me.  Therefore, you live in a mode that is way beyond the movement that I have for you.  I am in a striking mood and I will find those who want to carry the strike!  Some of you are afraid that the enemy will keep speaking against you.  But I can make you too hot for the enemy to handle!  Let Me strike you, and you’ll begin to thunder and send out My sound.  This is the hour of the strike!

“If you will allow Me to make you My lightning rod, I will cause you to be one that will conduct power.  You will also be able to produce power and take My people into their future with a greater anointing and understanding of who they are.  I am calling you to allow Me to make you a lightning rod for the generations that are to come behind you.  Yet some of you say, ‘I like my hair one way.’ But when I penetrate you with My power, your hair will be electric – it will stand out like a lion’s mane and the sound in you will be heard!  I want conductors of My power, and am looking this hour for who will agree with Me. Now is the time to defy old religious boundaries. Now is the time to go beyond and connect in a way you’ve never connected.  There are openings in heaven this hour and I am looking for those who will conduct My power from heaven to earth.”  (Chuck D. Pierce, Deborah Degar)

Chuck D. Pierce

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