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Prepare for Portals to Open Wide!  Step into the Year of the New Song!  Shevat Firstfruits Celebration this Sunday!


The Year of the New Song! (Jan 19-21)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dear Prepared Ones:

There is such an anticipation for what will open up and be unlocked this weekend at The Year of the New Song Celebration! New songs break old cycles and liberate us to access portals of revelation. With ministers like Isaac Pitre, Dean Mitchum, Richelle Garcia and Julie Meyer, there is certain to be a baptism of sound to break us into a new season!  And then on Saturday night, James Vincent will lead us in worship as part of a live recording CD.

On Sunday morning, I will partner with Robert Heidler for our Firstfruits Celebration for Shevat.  In this year of “firsts,” every Firstfruits is important.  So let’s prepare to celebrate with our first and best!  If you cannot join us here at the Global Spheres Center this weekend, be sure to find your times to enter in by webcast.  You can find our complete schedule HERE

The Portal!
The Portal CD
This CD is for NOW!  As you prepare for this weekend’s New Song Celebration, take a minute to click HERE and listen to this short clip from this amazing CD. Then declare there is a portal for you to step in, and that you will see it opening wide!  The sounds and creativity on The Portal are some of the best anywhere.  Allow these songs to help you step into your next dimension of faith and overcoming …

Lead Me to the Water (James Vincent)
Usiogope (James Vincent)
Victory is at Hand (LeAnn Squier and James Vincent – spontaneous)
Everything Here is Shaking (Michelle Hadley and LeAnn Squier - spontaneous)
There’s a Portal Here (LeAnn Squier and James Vincent - spontaneous)
Against the Darkness (John Dickson and Justin Rana)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Paul Simon sung by Isaac Pierce)
The One (Chad Foxworth and Justin Rana)
Shaking it Loose (John Dickson)
But God (Chuck Pierce and John Dickson)
A Place Called More (LeAnn Squier and James Vincent - spontaneous)
You Called Out My Name (Isaac Pierce)

CD SPECIAL: $8 (regularly $15)
Also available for digital download at the special price of $5.99 (regularly $9.99)
specials good through January 31, 2018

Chuck D. Pierce