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“Responding with Faith!” and “Throwing Away the Clipboard!”  
A Week to Advance!


Monday, January 15, 2018

Dear Advancing Ones:

As we prepare to host this weekend’s “Year of the New Song” Celebration, the level of revelation and anointing in our services has raised us up to a new level of faith and understanding.  In mantling us for the season ahead, God is not only exposing what is not of His design, but calling us to embrace our true identity in Him.  The Spirit of God is saying, “I am removing out of your garment some false understanding that you’ve had. I am re-clothing you to ride with Me in a new way. I am re-clothing you for that pinnacle season you’re headed into. Watch Me remove something you thought was true, but was false. I am removing something out of you that you have believed about yourself that is not so. Watch, for this will be a week of getting delivered out of something you thought you were, or believed you were, and coming into the truth of who I made you to be.”

Responding with Faith!
Particularly during a season of contending for the glory, we want to align our expectations with what God is speaking over us.  During yesterday’s Breakthrough Revelation service, we heard the song of the Lord declare we are brave, we are courageous, we are builders and sustainers, innovators and creators. This established the gateway for us to “Respond with Faith!”  Like Bartimaeus, the blind man, we can choose to not only cry out, but present our requests with faith.  If you were not able to join us yesterday, be sure to listen to this replay and allow your faith to become sight!

Throw Away the Clipboard!
I loved how the atmosphere continued to fill with faith during our Celebration Service.  Once again, we heard how the Lord has called us to be BRAVE.  As Keith Pierce testified, the Lord is well able to bring our past into our present so we can step into the future with truth of how He sees us.  Robert Heidler then taught on how we can walk free from legalism.  You don’t want to miss his teaching on Throw Away the Clipboard: Experiencing the JOY of Your Salvation! and responded as a people with a fresh revelation of that joy!

A Week to Advance!
Leading up to this weekend’s conference, we will have several other gatherings.  On Wednesday at noon, Robert Heidler will be comparing the Breastplates of the Old and New Covenants.  Additionally, we will have “Portal Watches” on Thursday morning at 6 AM in the Prayer Tower and Friday at 6 PM in the Tabernacle.  Our full schedule for this week is below, including our Firstfruits Celebration for Shevat on Sunday morning.  Find your times to enter in onsite or by webcast (live or replay).
Wednesday at noon: “Breastplate of Righteousness” Teaching in the Prayer Tower
Thursday at 6 AM: “Portal Watch” in the Prayer Tower
Friday at 6 PM: “Portal Watch” in the Tabernacle to prepare for The Year of the New Song
Friday at 7 PM: The Year of the New Song Celebration begins!
Saturday 7:30 AM – 9 PM: The Year of the New Song Celebration continues
Sunday at 8 AM – 11:30 AM: Firstfruits Celebration for Shevat!

Chuck D. Pierce

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