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Welcome to the Global Spheres Center Nursery!

We serve children ages 2 months-Kindergarten

Our desire is that your child would be trained and blessed by the Holy Spirit during his or her time here.  

The GSC Nursery is open on Sunday mornings and during First Fruits celebrations. We begin receiving children 20 minutes before services begin.

Our Nursery classes are divided by age and developmental stages:

Infants: 2 months-12 months
Toddlers: 13 months-24 months
Adventurers: Two Year olds
Early Pre K: Three Year olds
Pre K: 4 year olds and Pre Kinder 5 year olds

Children "graduate" to GSC KIDS when they enter first grade, which is typically in August.

Worship and Bible:
Since we believe in starting children in the things of God at an early age, all of our classrooms participate in active worship and an age appropriate Bible lesson. Each class has plenty of fun as well as educational activities to keep your child occupied!

Sunday Mornings:
Nursery classes for 2 months through Pre K are available from 8:40am-11:30am, or the end of service, each Sunday. Each classroom is staffed with two adults who are committed to creating a loving and nurturing environment.

Kindergarten children stay with their parents during the first part of corporate worship.
-When worship is over, at about 10:15, please bring your child to the Tabernacle KidCheck station.
-Your child will be met by the teachers and walked up to class.
-You will pick up your Kindergarten children in the Nursery area after service has concluded.

First Fruits Celebrations:
We provide childcare during the monthly First Fruits celebrations for children ages 2 months - 4 Years.

Thank you for allowing us to serve your family!

Check-In Procedure
For the safety and security of all involved, we use a software program called KidCheck for check-in and check-out. KidCheck stations are located in the Nursery Lobby for children Pre K and younger, and at the back of the Tabernacle for Kindergarten aged children and older.  

We know the importance of safety when leaving your children with someone other than yourself, and at the Global Spheres Center, you can be assured your child’s security is a top priority. Parent/Guardian accounts are free and simple to set up, allowing you to control and maintain your child’s information for a quick and easy check-in. You can set up an account when you check in your child for the first time. Or, you can go to www.kidcheck. com and create an account online from home.

We give pagers to parents of children ages 2 months – Pre K. This makes it easy to let you know if your child needs you during the service. The pager also serves as a security device, since we will not release your child without the pager. If you need another guardian to pick up your child, you can send them with the pager and guardian receipt.

General Information
Personal Items
Please label all cups, containers and diaper bags with your child’s name before you bring your child to class.

We provide snacks during class. Usually it is Pepperidge Farm Goldfish or animal crackers and water. If your child has food allergies, please be sure to enter that information into Kid Check, and pack an appropriate snack.

Special Toys
We ask that toys from home be left at home. Sharing is easier when the toys belong to the classroom.

Separation Anxiety
We will do all we can to insure that your child has a great time in class. The transition is often smoother if you smile and leave quickly. We will page you if your child has not calmed down in 15 minutes.

Lengthy Services
Nursery hours are 8:40am until service dismisses. Generally this is not later than 11:30am. We ask that you pick up your child as soon as service is over. If you are receiving ministry, please designate another adult to pick up your child. We will release your child to the adult of your choice who has the pager and guardian receipt from check-in. Your child is welcome in the sanctuary anytime, including ministry time.

Health Guidelines
We observe a well-child policy in the classrooms. Please do not bring your child to class if he or she has had any of the following symptoms in the last 24 hours:
*-Congestion and cough
*-Colored nasal discharge
*-Sore throat
*-Pink eye
*-Active chicken pox

If your child is being treated with antibiotics, he or she should be on the drug for at least 24 hours before returning to class.

Please let us know if a runny nose or cough is due to allergies or teething.

If your child becomes sick, or is discovered to be sick, we will page you to pick up your child.

Thanks for your help in keeping all our kids healthy!

Want to Volunteer?
There are many different opportunities available if you’d like to be a part of the Children’s Ministry. We work on a four month cycle, with most volunteers serving once a month. If you’d like more information about how to be a part of the Nursery Ministry or Children’s Ministry team, please call Heidi DeHart or Lisa Bailey.

Contact Information:
GSC Nursery Ministry
2 months - Kindergarten
Pastor-Heidi DeHart