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Glory of Zion - Corinth

Glory of Zion - Corinth - A Local Gathering at the Global Spheres Center

Every Sunday morning, people from all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex gather in Corinth, Texas at the Global Spheres Center to praise, worship, and seek God for direction and clarity in our daily lives.

As gathered saints we believe we are called to help each other achieve the fullness of our destinies in God.

We are also called to:

  • See the VISITATION of God in our city and nation.

  • We are a church with a call to seek revival.

  • We desire to see the GLORY of God manifested in our midst through signs & wonders, resulting in the fullness of harvest coming into the kingdom! (Psalm 85:6-13)

  • To see the Church RESTORED to its true foundation. The blossoming of the fig tree (Israel) through the restored Messianic movement signals a call to the church to return to its true roots and be re-established on its New Testament apostolic-prophetic foundation. (Eph. 2:20; 3:5-6)

  • To be a BEACON OF HOPE in a lost and hurting world. God has called us to shine the light of His love and truth throughout our community and into the uttermost part of the earth and bring to birth the evangelistic office for the next century. (Isaiah 60:1-4)