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Triumphant Faith Institute

We are excited about the Triumphant Faith Institute! This is an incredible opportunity for you to mount up and run with the horses. We will be a people that overcome and triumph in days ahead. Don’t miss being a part of Triumphant Faith Institute!

We have three components to help you advance in the year ahead:

1.Teaching Development
2. Exhortation & Deliverance
3. Warfare Intercession

Our Teaching Development Component is on Sundays at 8:00 AM. Robert Heidler will be the primary instructor, but others will also be teaching. We have designed these components to help develop your understanding of Gods’ covenant promises and be equipped to triumph in your daily walk.

Watch Glory of Zion emails and other communication for schedule of Warfare Intercession and Exhortation & Deliverance components as they are not held weekly.

This school is one of our best ever. We feel that we have matured by understanding God’s will of establishing the 12 Tribes of Israel. This has a Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Asher, and so on, anointing wrapped up with an impartation of faith. We are so very excited about this and want to see you advance through all three components of intercession, exhortation and teaching.

Pre-registration is NOT needed to join any of our classes. Rather, for those of you who attend onsite, we will ask you to record your participation at the registration table for each session you attend. If you are joining by webcast, we will have a log of those who participate online. We will then keep a record of everyone who attends each session. After completing 12 sessions, you will be able to receive your first Triumphant Faith Institute certification. There is not a time limit to complete your sessions, so if you are not able to join us for 12 consecutive sessions, then you will simply accrue credit for the sessions you attend/webcast. For example, if you only participate in the Teaching Development Components on Sunday mornings, then it would take you 12 sessions to accrue your 12 credits for your first certification. Obviously, those who take more than one session per week will accrue credits more quickly. We are excited about this unique opportunity and hope many of you will join us as we develop triumphant faith!

Chuck D. Pierce

Please use this link to record your completion of 12 sessions and print your personalized certification.