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Why Prophecy Central?

One of the privileges of every believer is to hear the voice of the One who formed and fashioned them, and created them to fulfill the plans and purposes of the LORD. Here at Glory of Zion International, we have a desire to equip and train the Body of Christ to hear and release the heart and mind of God into the earth realm. In this section of the website, you will hear the latest prophetic revelation from Chuck and many others.

Unlocking New Wealth - 7-24-16

Prophecy Central Videos

Open Our Eyes 7-16-17
A Month for Investing 5-28-17
Floodgates of Creativity 5-21-17
Prophecy - Roll the Limits Off - 2-5-17
Three Year Period of Blessing - Prophecy - 2-5-17
Israel Decree - 1-15-17
70 year prophecy - Chuck Pierce - 1-11-17
A 10 Year Window of Nations Realigning - Chuck Pierce 11-27-16
The Weight of the Glory Pressing Down - HOTY5777
A New Season of Shaking - Prophecy - 10-2-16
Laugh at the Enemy its Harvest Time - Chuck Pierce and Robyn Vincent
Prosperity Through the Storm - 9-11-16
Outflank Your Enemy and Accelerate - 9-4-16
Cut Off the Narrow Place - Chuck Pierce - 8-28-16
Irrigate the Harvest - 8-21-16
Let Your Prosperity Overflow - 7-24-16
New Measured Boundaries - Prophecy - 6-26-16
Gold Will Rise Prophecy - Chuck Pierce - 6-10-16
In A Moment - Dream and Prophecy 6-12-16
Redefining the Flow of the Spirit - 5-15-16
A Time to Rip Open the Seams - Chuck Pierce - 5-8-16
Raid the Caves and Crossover - Passover 5776 Friday Morning
God is Mining the Ground Before You - Chuck Pierce and LeAnn Squier
An Appeal to the Court of Heaven - Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce - 3-20-16
The Spoils of the Enemy are being Returned - Prophecy - 3-6-16
Prepare to Slide, Accelerate and Pick Your New Fruit - Prophecy - 022816
Move Forward and Step Into a New Portal
Unlock the Gate of Revelation and Provision - Prophecy - 1-31-16
A Fire is Burning to Prepare for the War Ahead - Prophecy - 1-24-16
Prepare, A Warning for France and the World - Chuck Pierce - 010216
Rally for War and Move Against the Enemy - Prophecy - 11-15-15
See the Change and Step Into the New - Prophecy - 11-01-15
Break Out into Your New Walk of Freedom - Prophecy - 10-18-15
Walk In Your God Given Authority - Prophecy - 10-18-15
Break Into Your Next Level of Abundant Blessing - Prophecy - 10-14-15
A New Sound of War - Prophecy - 10-11-15
Break Off Your Chains and Move Against the Enemy - HOTY Prophecy - 9-17-15
Grab Your Shield and Enter Into Triumph Over Your Enemy - Prophecy HOTY - 9-19-15
Step Into Your Next Level of Healing 9-6-15
Light A Fire and Mount Up In Triumph 8-30-15
Reorder Your Time and Find Joy in the Wine Press - 8/23/15
A Season of Freedom - 8/23/15
Unlock Your Strength
Sing Oh Barren One
There is a Deluge of Glory Coming
Healing Your Identity
Prophetic Sounds - 5/31/15
Come, Manifest Presence
Praise to Open Your Pathway of Change!
Nevers Mumba - Shut-in Time is Over
The Gates are Opening

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