Global Spheres ... A Shelter for the Storm in the Future!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dear Praying Friends:

We are so grateful for all of you who prayed for us yesterday afternoon during the storms in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.† Tornadoes touched down and created great damage in certain areas of the Metroplex.† When you looked at the map of where the tornadoes were, you could see a whole circle of tornadoes all the way around Dallas in any direction you looked.† At one point, it looked like a very bad storm cell was headed directly for us. Pam and the crew in the Garden raised their hands and decreed a hedge of protection.† Therefore, the heavens seemed to part and no harmful winds or hail came here to Corinth and Denton.†

The Global Spheres Center has been designated as one of the Disaster Relief Centers in case of emergency needs within Denton county and the 16 other regional county areas.† Below is a picture of one of the signs that says ďTornado ShelterĒ.† Under this is one of our paintings, ďAnd He Shall Be CalledĒ.†

We are declaring: ďAnd He shall be called a Shelter from the Storm!Ē†

Come and Be with Us During Passover!†
We believe there is an anointing here for the Wing of God to come over you.† The Garden is blossoming, and is simply incredible. We hope many of you will find your way to Corinth this week to join us.† Please take a few minutes to watch a short video by Robert Heidler on the importance of Passover by clicking HERE.†

There is no charge to join us our Passover Celebration, and there are still seats available.† Pre-registration is now closed, but you can still register onsite tomorrow at 5:30 PM.† If you cannot join us onsite, please make plans to invite others to your home or gathering place to connect by webcast.† There is no charge to webcast, and you will register when you sign on to the live webcast.† Let this Passover be a time when you are connected to this house so you can begin to stake your claim in a new way!

Resurrection Sunday Sunrise Service
Everyone is also welcome to join us on Sunday morning for a Resurrection Sunday Sunrise Service in the Garden area at 6:30 AM.† This will be an incredible time to break open the day and celebrate our victory over death, hell and the grave.† Afterwards, there will be baptisms outside in the Garden.† Call the office at (940) 382-7231 if you would like to be baptized.† Everyone is also welcome to linger in the Garden as well as fellowship with others over coffee, juice and snacks on Solomonís Porch. †We look forward to seeing you here at the Global Spheres Center!

The Harbinger
We are very honored to have Jonathan Cahn come and speak to us.† If you havenít read his novel, The Harbinger, we will have it available here.† I have written two books that are prophetic, The Future War of the Church and Godís Unfolding Battle Plan.† Each time The Harbinger is mentioned, people seem to relate it to those two books which predict things that have already happened or will be happening. If you donít have those books, you can order them below.

Three other books that are also important in a time of atmospheric clash are Time to Defeat the Devil, Prayers that Outwit the Enemy, and Restoring Your Shield of Faith.†† All of these books are on sale for $10 each through the end of April.

Chuck D. Pierce

The Future War of the Church by Chuck D. Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema


Initially released in May 2001, before the tragedy of the World Trade Center on 9-11-01, this book helped us get established in the season of war that we are presently living in. We have now revised this book to include key, prophetic testimonies behind every chapter that affirm the prophetic call to His Church for a Kingdom perspective during these times. Even if you purchased the original version, you will want this revised copy as a documented history of the times we are living in and how "God does nothing without first telling the prophets." 

Special: $10 (regularly $13)

God's Unfolding Battle Plan by Chuck D. Pierce


A people without knowledge perish. God's Unfolding Battle Plan will help you understand how to stand in victory in the times we are living in.† This book will point you into an understanding of the warfare we are presently fighting and what is ahead for us in the future. †God's Unfolding Battle Plan will also give you great insight through the next 20 years and beyond!

Special: $10 (regularly $13)

Time to Defeat the Devil by Chuck D. Pierce


As we all know, times are changing, and there is an historic shift occurring in the church today. In the midst of this change the enemy would try to distort our vision so we lose our way. The Lord stirred me to write this book so we would not shrink back, but learn to see in a new way, and embrace the authority and power we have been given through our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.† The 20 chapters in this book will take you through a journey where you learn how to:

Perhaps what makes this book most unique is the focus on how to break the power of vexation and to renew our human spirit. Like righteous Lot, the enemy seeks to vex our spirit so that we become traumatized and fragmented. If he can block our spirit, he can stagnate our relationship with the One who created us and overtake our soul. However, we have a FATHER of our human spirit who is able to renew and nourish our spirit! Learn how He longs to see us restored and made whole, and how we can "exercise" our spirit and commune with Him in a new way.

Special: $10 (regularly $15)

Prayers That Outwit the Enemy by Chuck D. Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema


By understanding the game of chess in the natural, we can understand the spiritual dynamic of strategy, warfare, and communion. This unique book begins with a comparison of the earthly game of chess with spiritual warfare, prayer, and ascending and communing from our heavenly abiding place. Prayers that Outwit the Enemy explains the devil in a way that alleviates your fear to confront him and overturn his schemes! Learn how to overcome the enemyís plan in your life by gaining the strategy of God. The Holy Spirit is teaching the Body to pray in a new way. This book explains many of those ways. Understand your enemy and defeat his plan through prayer. This is a book for now! 

Special: $10 (regularly $14)

Restoring Your Shield of Faith by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert Heidler


Sometimes itís a battle to stay strong in our faith. Satanís repeated attacks, using our own feelings of fear and doubt, can wear down our belief in the Lordís power and goodness.† Learn to be an overcomer, fighting and winning the daily battles against Satanís insidious objective. As your faith grows, doors of opportunity will swing open, asserting Christís promise to His followers that through faith, nothing is impossible! Equipped with the four keys to building faithófamiliarity with the Word of God, praise and thankfulness in all situations, trust in Him and obedience to His leadingóyouíll be able to lift up your shield of faith and enter into the fullness of Godís blessings!

Special: $10 (regularly $13)

These and many other resources are available by going to or by calling (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231.† Specials are good through April 30, 2012.