Staking Claim to Your Future and Unlocking Your Supply!

(A 50-Day Prayer Focus in 10-Day Increments from Passover to Pentecost will follow)

I am writing this from Mongolia.  I want to thank so many of you who have prayed for us in China and Mongolia. The leaders and the people have been incredible. The Church in these two nations is staking claim to its future.  They know that this is their "NOW" time.
      In the next ten years, China will develop a major influence over all the world structures, so I am very glad we are connected with many of the key leaders of that nation.  Mongolia is at a divine intersection in time.  The Church in Mongolia is very young, yet it must make changes now or else there will be a repeat of some of the patterns of the past in this nation. 
      I look forward to writing a complete report for those of you who will have a call to pray for these nations.   I believe you must be interested in China because of their tremendous influence throughout the world in days ahead.

Because of the mandate at the International Congress on Prophecy for us to “eat the Word” for the next 183 days, I felt compelled to write this article on Staking Claim to Your Future and Unlocking Your Supply.  This article will be followed by a 50-Day Prayer Focus in 10 day increments that will take you from Passover to Pentecost.  This will take you from the place of breaking out and crossing over to increase. 

Passover Now!

Passover was the very first Feast of the three great Feasts of the Hebrew people.  This past Saturday (April 8) was the 10th day of the First Month in the Hebrew calendar.  On this day, four days before the first Passover, Hebrew families in Egypt chose a lamb or kid from the flocks to set aside for sacrifice (Exodus 12:3-6).  On the 14th day, at twilight the lamb was slaughtered.  Blood was put on the two doorposts and on the lintel of the house, and the families ate the roasted meat in haste, with a belt on their waists, sandals on their feet and staffs in their hands (vss. 7-11).  It was “A PASSOVER TO YHVH” –“The LORD’s Passover.” 
      That night the LORD Himself would pass through Egypt to strike the firstborn of the Egyptians, but when He saw the blood on the lintel and on the two doorposts, the LORD would “skip” (Hebrew: pasach) that door, “and not allow the destroyer to come into your houses to strike you.” 
      During that time the Lord promised to “give this people favor in the sight of the Egyptians; and it shall be, when you go, that you shall not go empty-handed.  But every woman shall ask of her neighbor … articles of silver, articles of gold, and clothing; and you shall put them on your sons and on your daughters.  So you shall plunder the Egyptians” (Ex 3:21-22).  

We are a people who are constantly “passing over.”  Passover was also celebrated in the plains of Jericho near Gilgal before the Israelites crossed over and secured their promise (Joshua 5:10, 12).  Then during the reign of Hezekiah, messengers were sent throughout the land to invite the people to come to Jerusalem and observe the Passover.  The people were not ready to observe this Feast, which represented the start of a new season in their life.  Consequently, Hezekiah delayed it for one month until he could explain to the people the importance of why this must be celebrated. 
      Jesus was crucified in the city of Jerusalem during the Passover celebration.  He ate a Passover meal with His disciples on the eve of His death.  His blood is the ultimate Passover sacrifice and redeems us from the power of sin and death.  Therefore, the remembrance of Passover is very important for God’s people. 
      The true power of this time of year must not be forgotten nor secularized by us.  That is why I feel it’s very important for you to carefully read the following article.  I am decreeing that you and your household are secure for the future!  My burden is that we unlock the supply lines that will cause us to have what is needed to advance God’s Kingdom! 

Secure Your Inheritance and Add to Your Storehouse

In Acts 17:24 the Bible tells us that God has predetermined our time and place.  He does this so we can grab hold of His best for our lives.  When we are at the right place at the right time He resets our horizon line to show us our future.  In that place in time He is very near to us. 
      In the Word of God you find the concept of future is linked to the two words “expected end.”  In other words, the Lord would have your “end” be greater than your beginning.  Haggai 2 says it this way: “The latter house will be greater than the former house.” 

We are living in the year 5766 in the Hebraic calendar - the Year of Samekh Vav.   By looking at the Hebrew Year, you can tell what the year is about. This is a year to stake your claim on your future in the midst of the whirlwind and chaos around you.  This is the time to decree that what lies ahead for you is greater than what is behind you. 
      I have encouraged the Body of Christ to reach back and grab hold of their past as well as to reach forward and grab hold of their future. Then bring your past and have it submit to your future.  One of the symbols for this Hebrew Year is called the “VAV.”  The VAV looks like a “tent peg.”  The VAV has the concept of securing your inheritance and adding to your storehouse.

Let me share what this year, Tov Shin Samekh Vav (5766), means in Texan: “Y’all will Plunder the Enemy’s Camp!”  I feel like this is such an important concept for the time we are living in.  Jael drove a tent peg through the enemy’s head. What had the land of Israel in captivity was forced to let go.  If you remember, the Midianites would rob from the Israelites at their harvest season.  This is a year that we must break every strategy of the enemy to rob from our future.     

Many things in our lives are coming full circle.  There are many whirlwinds swirling around us.  But the Lord is saying, Take the tent peg from heaven and stake your claim for your future!  The VAV also represents connecting heaven with earth. This is a sign that the Lord’s Prayer is becoming a reality in our life. We are connecting God’s best in heaven with the earth realm we are called to walk in.

Your Testings Have Developed a New Level of Faith

The first three months of the year produced much testing for many of us.  These testings have developed our faith and caused a new strength to arise within us.  This has been a time of striving to enter into God’s rest.  Most people think rest is where we pull aside and do nothing. Rest actually means that you cross over and enter into your promised destiny.  Ask the Lord to reveal the redemptive purpose of your testing.  Remember, His blood paid the price for you to break out of every prison.  

Faith comes by hearing! Thirty years ago, the Lord put a saint in my and Pam’s life to help us understand the Lord’s voice and the things of the Spirit. She teaches her Baptist Sunday School class faithfully each week. Periodically I touch base with her to hear the insights the Lord is revealing to her.  I wrote her from Mongolia. She was studying Isaiah 38 on the life of Hezekiah for her Sunday school lesson.  She returned this paragraph to me:

“We are back to the question of faith. Faith gives us a sense of God in our life, such a sense of God that he becomes more important than life itself. Jesus has to be more than the most important thing in your life.  He has to BE your life.  That means that when your personal fate is no longer what you are living for, when your own ideal life scenario of perfect health, and a perfect marriage and perfect children and a perfect job and a perfect church and perfect control -- when that is no longer what you are holding on to, when all you want is the glory of God to be put on display through your life, that is when God will fill you with overcoming courage.  Hezekiah finally got to that place.  He understood that his life is simply a platform for the display of God's glory in the world.”  

As I previously shared, Hezekiah made sure the people shared in Passover.  He actually had to postpone Passover for a month to restore the presence of God and faith in the people’s lives.  Therefore, as you move forward this year do not be legalistic on when you are staking claim to your future.  Just be sure to prepare yourself and find the time to stake claim to your future. 

Let Faith Arise and Secure Your Future!  Nail the Tent Peg!

I suggest you nail your tent peg into the ground.  This is time for our ground to shake loose its resources.  This is a time for iniquities to let go.  The iniquitous patterns in our lives affect the ground we walk on. As you nail the tent peg into the ground, or into a place in your home or business,

I was recently ministering at Christian International in Santa Rose Beach, Florida.  Bishop Bill Hamon took the tent peg that he was given and nailed it into the platform in front of their pulpit in their worship training center.  This gives you an example of staking claim to your future and decreeing that God’s pattern from heaven will begin to manifest in your life. 
      Another example for you is what the Lord has led Pam and I to do on behalf of our family.  We will be visiting all of our children’s homes or rooms and praying with them.  We will also anoint the entry ways which represents their comings and goings for their future.  Then we will either give them a stake for them to use or stake the ground at the place of their choosing.  I believe this is also important for businesses.

This is a Season for Increasing – Be Revived!

You can find the concept of “Tent Peg” in Ezra 9 where revival is discussed.  Ezra 9:8 says,

And now for a little while grace has been shown from the LORD our God, to leave us a remnant to escape, and to give us a peg in His holy place, that our God may enlighten our eyes and give us a measure of revival in our bondage.” 

We are living in a time of stretching out and realigning our boundaries.  The Lord reminded me of something that He said as we entered this year: “Lighten your load. The road ahead is changing and we must be ready to move at an accelerated pace.”   The Lord is revealing signs in the earth so we will understand that times and seasons have changed.  The tent peg also represents nailing your future to the wall.  I decree that your homes will be repaired and your walls rebuilt. 

The word “increase” means to add to.  Not only are you adding to, but you are continuing to add to.  We must get “on a roll.”  We must start adding to and not stop until we have broken into a harvest mentality.  We must also break loose some things that have been shut and locked up and held from the Body of Christ.  Therefore, these next 50 days will be a time of rejoicing, staking our claim, and warring to unlock our future.

We have designed a VAV, representing the form of a tent peg, with Isaiah 54:2 imprinted on the side.  You may consider getting this from us.  This is a good example of a stake. (You can see a picture of this below.)  I am encouraging the Body of Christ to stake their inheritance this year.  Decree that your land and your life will begin to rejoice. 
      When we worship we see a manifestation of God’s justice into the iniquitous patterns on earth.  When we connect the heavenly realm into the earth realm that we walk in, we will see angelic visitation and the Glory of the Lord invading our place or land. We will see His Glory resting on us as walk in the earth. When we worship, an extension of the kingdom of God in heaven begins to manifest on Earth.

Some of you may want to hold the tent peg until you feel you are positioned properly for your future.  If you do not feel like you are in the right place or the right timing of God, ask Him to reorder your steps.  Spend a day worshiping and reconnecting with Holy Spirit in the earth.  You might want to do the following 50-Day Prayer Focus before staking claim to your future. 

We want you to remain accountable.  We would like to hear what happens during this process in your life.  You can email us at or send a letter to P.O. Box 1601, Denton TX 76209.  If you send a letter, please try and include an email address for response.  If you would like to give a special offering to Glory of Zion International during this time you can go to or call (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231 to give by credit card.

From the Pit to the Palace

After Passover the next major Feast time is Pentecost.  The 50-Day Prayer Focus that follows will take you from Passover to Pentecost.  We will have a special Pentecost Celebration on June 9-11 in Denton, TX, called Coming from the Pit to the Palace: Building Our Storehouses for the Future!  The University of North Texas Super Pit called and asked if we wanted to meet there.  This caused me to remember one of my prayer focuses for the year—that we would be a people who come from the pit to the palace. 
     This gathering will begin on Friday morning, continue all day Saturday, and actually conclude with a Sunday morning service.  Speakers include Dutch Sheets, Robert Stearns, Peter Wagner, Jo Ann McFatter, Robert Heidler, me and others. 
      Peter Wagner will apostolically decree the transference of wealth.  If you register by May 19, the cost is $30 per person or $50 per married couple.  After May 19, the cost will be $40 per person and $60 per married couple.  To register you can either call (940) 382-7231 or (888) 965-1099, or go to  Hotel space is limited due to other events in the region, so we encourage you to make your accommodations plans very shortly.  (You can go to for a listing of nearby hotels.)

NOTE:  Because of the word the Lord gave me at the International Congress of Prophecy, I want to be sure we are eating the Word daily.  Therefore, the next prayer focus will follow in the next few days.  This 50-Day Prayer Focus in 10 day increments is entitled From Passover to Pentecost: Staking Claim to Your Future and Unlocking Your Supply!

Here is a recap of the word from the International Congress on Prophecy:

A Word of Knowledge and a Call to God’s People to Speak Forth!  

In the word of knowledge the number 183 formed.  Then I heard the Lord say, “Eat My words for 183 days.”  A while later when I was sitting by Mary Glazier we looked at her automated calendar and found this time-frame would take us to the beginning of Yom Kippur and the Hebraic Year 5767.  The Lord showed me that if we will “taste and see that He is good” then our future will be revealed to us.  The more we eat His Word, the more we will discern our future.

Remember the Lord said:

I am moving My people under shrouds of death that have blocked My glory from being seen in earthly realms.  I will form the words within their mouth.  For I have stored life and light down deep within their bone marrow.  When they speak, the shroud of death over land, families, cities and nations will begin to disintegrate.  This will unlock My Kingdom to advance.  I am preparing the harvesting angels to co-labor with you as you break this shroud of death by speaking what I am saying from heaven.” 

There are gathering angels that have been sent into the earth realm to assist us plundering spoils the enemy has locked up for the harvest ahead!


Chuck D. Pierce

To Assist you in Accomplishing the Above Prophetic Action:

The Tent Peg!

This is the Hebrew Year 5766 – the year of SAMEKH VAV.  The “VAV” looks like a tent peg.  We had this tent peg designed with Is. 54:2 on it.  Cross over and stake you claim for your future!  ($20.00)

Staking Your Claim for the Future

We feel these five songs by the Glory of Zion International Worship Team are very important to get in our spirit as we move forward this year.  These songs are: Walk in Favor (Leann Squier), The Tent Peg Song, Shut Your Mouth, This Means War, and The Path of Favor.  We released this special CD at the International Congress on Prophecy.  This will be a limited edition release.  We will follow this with a full length CD in time for Pentecost.  That CD will also include the song that came forward at Starting the Year Off Right, called It Might as Well be Me, by Leann Squier.  ($8.00)

OR you can purchase both the tent peg and the CD for $25.

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Costmary Anointing Oil 

This is a year of coming full circle and continuing to break cycles that would keep us from staking our claim on the future. With that in mind, we felt the need to find an anointing oil that represented this. Costmary was highly prized by Colonials for its medicinal and culinary uses, and was widely employed as a refresher for the weary. Costmary leaves marked the pages of Bibles and prayer books, and when churchgoers grew sleepy during the sermon a sniff of the leaf would revive them.  Let Him use this anointing oil to remind you of the restored, simple life! May you use this to AWAKEN your senses to His Best today!  This is an incredible special – a 4 oz bottle for $12 (regularly $25).

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