Prophetic Clarification and Final Trip Report

October 16, 2009

There has been some confusion over the prophetic word that I released in Orlando on August 14, 2009 atLet the Eagles Gather: The International Gathering of Prophets, Apostles and Intercessors”.  This was sponsored by Global Harvest Ministries.  A key portion of that word was:

“Watch for an economic shift by the end of this month.  Between August 24 and October 17, there will be great changes in the financial system.  Be aware that the banking system has not finished making its changes.  We will start into an accelerated shift in structure.  The government is in an open rearrangement.”   I explained that during this time there will be an acceleration that will begin.   The stock market will rise.  There would appear to be a financial recovery.  However, do not be lulled to sleep.  Watch carefully.  Stay in God’s perfect timing.  Continue to watch the banking system.  This is rearrangement and not recovery. Stay alert because our nation is now being devalued. These are days when “New Pharaohs” are coming into rule.  The final portion of that prophecy was: “You must draw near and come higher because I must align you with My host.  I must align you with the army of heaven.  There are hosts in heaven that I am waiting for you to align with before I send you into boundaries for the future.  I have been working and forming you. I have been equipping you to prepare you for your future. Keep the oil in your lamp ready.”  

Trip Report
By visiting Dubai and Paris, you see the clear financial rearrangement of the world.  Dubai was hit very hard during the last year.  3,000 expatriates fled the country and just left their cars at the airport.  The final word I gave in Dubai was:
“Don’t let the dryness of this region stop you from becoming a fountain of life for many to drink from.  Many of you will be coming and going.  For I will send you to one place and then send you back.  I will cause you to remain full so you can be poured out.  You will be like a flask that Abraham gave Hagar.  When one portion of water dries up, there will be a visitation from heaven and another well will be uncovered.  Do not fear establishing a deep well of My Spirit in your gatherings.  For in these gatherings I will start causing many to come to say, ‘I must have a drink.’  People will be visiting other wells.   Therefore, do not grow exclusive in the way that you dig your wells.  

Pray for those who will be in position for the future.  Pray for access in.  Let joy rise from deep within you, for I have come to break off the grief and command the enemies that have tried to defeat you in the past season to leave.  I will supernaturally favor My people.  Don’t try to force your way in, for I will position you and I will open doors sovereignly.  Keep your door open so many can come in.  In a dry land there are hidden wells.   I can uncover wells of life in this region that have never been uncovered.  I know what is under the earth as well as what is above the earth. Many of My people will be sought after to bring water in to those that are thirsty.  

I will change the government of My people in this region. You will have new authority.  You will move from the spiritual government into a place of influence.”

Our time in Paris …
The Body of Christ has made some key adjustments over the last two years. The nation is shifting slowly.  Last year we focused on Germany.  This year the Lord has directed me to pray for France. I am decreeing these nations have a blazing move of God. The last two years we have seen France make a good shift.  The current President has made some key decisions.  However, unless the fire of revival comes, France could swing toward an Islamic governmental rule and influence all of Europe. Here is a prophetic word I gave:
“For the intercessors and watchmen will now be positioned strategically in this nation.  They will be drawing a path from region to region of this nation.  They will be opening up a way for a new type of gathering.  There will be worship gatherings in every region of this nation.  You are forming this path for these worship gatherings.  When the paths are formed and the gatherings are done, I will begin to refine the prophet’s voice in this land.  For I am going to put a new mantle on the prophet in this land.  The world will know that France has cast off a thinking process of philosophy and is now wearing a prophet’s mantle for the world.  This is the beginning, and what was scattered in past seasons you will now form the paths for Me to reform the mantle that I once offered this land.  So hear the sound of those that I will now mobilize to clear the way.

Where many seeds have fallen into the ground, now there will be a budding forth.  You have endured the test from the past season.  You have finished well.  Now you will begin stronger than you ended.”

During the service on Saturday night the Lord spoke three things to me!

1. Beginning that night, a clock in France is being restored and in time.  “In past seasons the enemy has changed times and laws in this nation.  Tonight, I am re-timing a clock that has been out of sync with My timing.  I am exposing the perversion that held the clock captive in the last season.  Now I am reordering the way the Kingdom clock of this land will tick.   Your nation will now go into turmoil as I create an alignment with My purpose.  Some will choose Me; others will rally a resistance.  Because you have met tonight, I am setting the clock in My time!  Certain things that the enemy could do to change times are now thwarted.  He (Satan’s horde) is unable to control and change time. 

“Watch, for you will see the conflict in the news.  The media will express the conflict of this land.  But you will say what will be written must now submit to God’s plan because ‘we are in God’s timing.’   And the humanistic worship that came into this land in the 1700s and that which reordered the way this nation was to operate, is now being dissolved in heavenly places. You have overthrown a power and principality that you were not even aware was controlling you. 

“There will be a demonstration of religious philosophies. Those that have leaned on their own understanding will now come to you and say, ‘Let us reason together.’   Do not despise this small beginning, for there is a 12 prong momentum that will overtake this nation … 12 spokes throughout this land that will begin to turn.  Like a wheel around this nation, My glory will be expressed and My purposes will now begin to turn.  I will raise up apostolic prophetic moves throughout this entire land.  My move will be around this time. France is now coming into My times and seasons.” 

2. A government that has been is now being re-seated.  “I am re-doing My government in this land.  I began to make a shift with your civil government.  This is bringing new favor upon this nation. This year I will move on My government, and you will begin to be positioned in places of influence throughout the entire nation.  I will accelerate My kingdom understanding.  Some churches will move into this Kingdom understanding, and they will experience this:  My favor and My Spirit.  Those that move after Me even in Spirit will be heard of, for I will manifest in those churches.  You will gather the new troops throughout this land.  You will hear that God is moving and you will call and say, ‘I hear God is moving.’   They will begin to align with the overall movement.  I am the God who unseats and re-seats.  This year I am re-seating My government for My people.” 

3. A new glory will be released!  “This glory will become tangible.  One mantle from heaven now is being made new.  What you have been longing to wear in one season I have now prepared to put on you for the next season.  Just as the pouring of the water was seen by you tonight, you will be walking along and I will pour this mantle on you.  This will be your garment.  I will surprise you with this identity.  I will pour out on you and all of the wounds of the past season will come off of you now.  I will pour out on you. Where one was following you a hundred will now come.   Take the governors off!  Take that off the engine of this movement.  Begin to say, ‘God has released us to go.’  God has released us to advance.  Begin to develop your worship gatherings.  Develop a worship gathering in all 12 of these regions.  Find the place and I will draw people.  As you surround this nation in worship and as you move forward without any hindrance, I will press you past the enemy who has tried to stop you from getting to this place tonight.  I will cause My glory to go before you and I will cause My glory to come behind you.  You are in a divine moment.  I will change a nation from this moment.”

The Team ministered Sunday morning along with me!
You must stay on the wall, seeing.  You must stay on the wall, seeing.  You must stay on the wall seeing, for there will be shots heard round the world in the coming season.  So watch carefully before the shots are shot.  If you will watch, then you will see the targets and where the bullets are targeted to. You’ve been foot soldiers up to now, but now you will be peering over walls.  You’ve been foot soldiers going in and out, but now you will be peering over the wall into the enemy camp.  So know that the enemy knows that you have access.  Be careful, because presumption will be your enemy.  Keep your shield anointed so that the shot cannot pierce you.” 

I then turned and began to minister to a key leader and mobilizer that was attending the meeting: “You have gathered many, and you have begun to see who will advance in the next season.  Now I must unlock new supply for you to advance.  You have been saying, ‘How do I move forward?’  I have strategies beyond what you know.  I am going to have you form a new council to advance.  For not only will you be moving in France, but you will begin to connect the other nations that are connected to France.  I will begin to consolidate moves with you.  For you’ve seen one measure of healing, but now you will see the healers arise.  Not only will the healers arise, but those that are miracle workers will arise.  You are not going to just be gathering and worshiping, but you will gather and demonstrate and the government will ask you ‘Why is this happening?’  You will say, ‘Because God has come into our midst and God is in this nation.  And I will show you what God can do!’”

So to the Body: “Move past your quarreling, for I plan on prospering you until you become very prosperous anew.  I am not just talking about money – I am talking about harvest.  I am talking about following.  I am talking about redeeming the times that have been lost.  I will move you into a place in this nation and your life individually will represent this place where you say, ‘I have room to settle’, where you say, ‘This land is now beginning to rejoice with us’, where you will say, ‘God’s people of France are coming together.’  You will build a new altar in this nation.  From this day forward, for the next 3 ½ years, if you will keep progressing, and if you will begin to align your movements and come together, if you will begin to draw out from the very boundaries of France and find where the moves of God are breaking out, I will give you space enough to gather My people.  You will build a new altar of worship in this nation, and the false altar of worship that has ruled this nation will fall.” 

Over the next 3 ½ years, God has given the Body of Christ in France a window to progress.  He already has help on their path.  He has ways that they will come together in new ways. “You will begin to find your footing in the third year.  If you will continue moving past the conflicts, and don’t allow conflicts to stop you, in 3 1/2 years the move of God that is going on in this nation will be heard of worldwide.   I am offering you stewardship of this move because you are in My timing.  If you will remain buoyant and continue to understand your covenant with Israel, you will see a nation come alive in Me.”

I decreed from that day forward that the Lord’s people in France will look again.  I decreed they would see how they are surrounding the nation.   “Don’t just look at Paris, for I am surrounding the nation.  Look again, for though things have been difficult in the past season, though you have had to strive to advance, now I will accelerate you into the new!  Look again!  You will see your supply you need for the future.  Look again, and you will see Me open doors that you could not open in the last season.  Look again, and you will see where you are to meet in this land.  Look again, and you will see worship arising in this land like never before.  Do not look the way you have been looking, but look again because hidden springs have been waiting for you to open up.  Look again, and I will lead you to the new springs of life.  I will lead you to the new connections. I will lead you to those who will follow in new ways.  Look again, for I have a plan to cause this nation to come alive!  Follow Me now and watch Me manifest in a new way in this land.” 

I closed by praying for the people there.  “Lord, You know you have the right people in the right place.  I decree now that their eyes will be opened, and what they could not see in the past season, they will now see in the next season!”  

Thank you so much for praying for us and giving. When you give into this ministry, you are truly entering new areas of the world.  You can give online or by calling 1 (888) 965-1099 or 1 (940) 382-7231.  Also, start watching for updates on Phase 2 of our development on the land.  We are excited for what lies ahead!

Chuck D. Pierce

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