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May 27, 2017 - GOZ Ministry Center!

Dedication Ceremony 

To be held Saturday, May 27 at 5 pm

Address: Pierre Koenig 37,  Jerusalem (entry from Po'alei Tsedek street)


May 18, 2017 - Endurance!

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May 15, 2017 - Daily Anointing!

  1. Offer a daily sacrifice.  Read Number 28:24 - 29:26; Luke 11:1-4; Hebrews 10:11. Daily, there is something in us that we need to bring to Him.  We are not legalistically bound by that, but the principle of connecting with Him is the same: we must connect with Him daily.  
  2. Daily, extend love.  Read Deut. 4:1-40; Ephesians 5.  God is love.  His love was meant to be extended daily to those we are in close relationship with, as well as those around us.   How will you extend love some way on a daily basis? Once you start finding a way to release love, you’ll see your life begin to change.
  3. Call upon Him, daily.  Read Psalm 88. In the midst of your comings and goings, there is some way that you remember Him and cry out for Him to come.  This is how His name manifests in us. 
  4. Wisdom-watching daily.   Read Proverbs 8. Too often we lean on our own understanding.  But if you ask for wisdom He will give you wisdom.  The Word of God also says you have to watch for it coming to your gate.  So it’s not just asking for wisdom.  Rather, watch so you can open the gate for wisdom to come in. 
  5. Ask for daily bread.  Read Matthew 6.  The Lord is going to bring the Body into a new way of praying, to unlock the next level of provision that we need.  Asking for our daily bread involves a dimension of reviewing and presenting our needs daily.  
  6. Submit yourself to authority daily.  Read Luke 7. There’s a daily subjection to authority that we must understand and operate in. We need to watch and see how we are standing and how we are aligning ourselves.  We should pray for authorities, daily.  This will always give you a proper alignment in your life. 
  7. There’s something in your life you have to die to daily.  Read 1 Cor. 15:30-34. We can’t come into resurrection without death, and that’s why Paul said, “Daily, I have to die.”  We must be aware of what it is that we’re trying to keep alive, daily, that God is trying to kill.
  8. Praise daily!  Read Acts 2:47.   For seven days we have praised.  Praise opens the way for the LORD to add something to us.  Praise is the pathway to unlock multiplication.  Continue to praise to see daily addition end up in multiplication.  
  9. Discern, daily.   Read Hebrews 5:12-14.  We must discern the spiritual forces operating around us.  We discern two ways:  by the Word and by the Spirit of God.  The daily sacrifice where the word is becoming a cycle in your life creates a daily unlocking of spiritual discernment, and that’s where reality comes.  You don’t enter into reality just by knowing the Word; you have to discern by the Spirit. Spirit and truth together produce reality.  
  10. Seek first the Kingdom, daily.  Read Mt 6:33; 1 John 2:3. We must develop an understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Every kingdom has a culture, communication system, and governing structure.  We must learn to walk in God’s culture, communicate from a heavenly perspective, and embrace the dynamics of His Kingdom. 

May 10, 2017 - The Kingdom Advancing!

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May 09, 2017 - 7 Days of Praising Daily!

“Until My people are moving with Me DAILY they will not be walking in transformation!”

7 Days of Praising Daily!
When we daily praise, we begin to unlock a power of multiplication. 

Monday at 6 AM
Tuesday at noon
Wednesday at 6 PM
Thursday at 6 AM
Friday at noon
Saturday at 6 PM
Sunday at 8 AM

Here are just a few scriptures on praise to help you make it a priority all week long: Ex. 15:2, 11; Deut. 10:21; 2 Sam. 22:4, 50; 1 Chron. 16:9, 25, 29; Ps. 7:17, 9:11, 18:3, 47:6, 48:1, 57:7, 69:34, 98:4-5, 111:1, 113:3, 146:1-2, 149:1; Rom 14:11; Heb. 13:15; Rev. 5:12.

The key is to set your heart to enter into praise DAILY.  Don’t give way to murmuring, complaining, doubt or unbelief.  Instead, rehearse the goodness of the LORD and His mercies that are new every morning. You are invited to join us in the Tabernacle or by webcast (live or replay) for all of these watches.