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Kislev - The Month of Benjamin (December)

BOOK: A Time to Advance

Understanding the Hebrew Tribes and Months

A Time to Advance, by Chuck Pierce with Robert & Linda Heidler, will help you learn to think like God thinks. As you study the Hebrew tribes and months, you will receive prophetic understanding of how the Lord orders your steps throughout the year. You will come to understand how God, from the past, develops His whole conquering army for today. You will also gain understanding on how each part moves together, as well as the redemptive quality of God's covenant plan for Israel.

Summary: The tribe of Benjamin/Month of Kislev

Kislev:29 or 30 days - December
Alphabet:SAMEKH — trust, support, coming full circle
Tribe:Benjamin - the most gifted with the art of the bow; the only child born in the Promised Land, so watch Israel this month.
Characteristics:A month to develop your warfare strategies: to have a prophetic revelation for war. A month to enter in to a new level of trust and rest. A month to declare your life experiences to be filled with tranquility and peace ask for the rivers of life to flow.
Constellation:Sagittarius (the archer) — a time to fight against empires and cultures
Color/Stone:Multicolor (like the rainbow)/Opal or Rainbow Jasper

Kislev is the ninth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar and is associated with the Hebrew letter SAMEKH, which pictures trust, support, and coming full circle. We should be coming full circle in developing our trust and confidence. By examining our hearts and motives during Kislev each year, we will break up and out of old patterns of mistrust that hinder our walk with the Lord and others in our circle of influence.

The name Kislev derives from the Hebrew word for “security” and “trust.” This is the month to enter in to a new level of trust and rest.

Kislev is associated with the tribe of Benjamin, the most gifted of the tribes with the art of the bow. As you develop your warfare strategies this month, you can tap in prophetically to gain revelation concerning the war season ahead. This connects with Head of the Year so that you can start the year right.

Benjamin was also the only child born in the land of promise, so this is a month to watch Israel. Things happen during this month, which change the course of Israel.

Kislev is associated with the constellation Sagittarius (the archer). This month is a time to fight against empires and cultures. This is a month to shoot straight and move quickly. Think of the archer. Cut your losses and move on.

Last month was the month of the flood, so this is the month of the rainbow. Examine what you have warred through in the past year to come into a place of peace. God makes a covenant with us so that we will not have to war with those things again, which was the symbolism of the rainbow. There are certain things every year that you want to make a spiritual locater and say, “I am not going through that again.”

In this month of tranquility and peace; even in the midst of warfare, you will have peace. Many people do not understand this aspect of warfare. This simply means that in the midst of the warfare, you are on the offensive so that you have peace in the midst of conflict. When we get tangled up and get out of our abiding place, we get into trouble.

This is the month of dreams and night visions. Through the year the Lord has been pouring things into you, then all of the sudden He draws them out through dreams. Sometimes that is the only way He can communicate with you. You have pressed through and then you fall asleep. This is when He can begin to stir up revelation. This is also a month to review your sleeping patterns so that you will be healthier in the year ahead.

This month is a time to let the river of God flow from your innermost being. There is a great relationship between tranquility and fullness. If we don’t relate to our inner being correctly, we cannot enter into fullness. When your river starts flowing, you can enter into your next measure.