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Nissan - The Month of Judah (March, April)

BOOK: A Time to Advance

Understanding the Hebrew Tribes and Months

A Time to Advance, by Chuck Pierce with Robert & Linda Heidler, will help you learn to think like God thinks. As you study the Hebrew tribes and months, you will receive prophetic understanding of how the Lord orders your steps throughout the year. You will come to understand how God, from the past, develops His whole conquering army for today. You will also gain understanding on how each part moves together, as well as the redemptive quality of God's covenant plan for Israel.

Summary: The tribe of Judah/Month of Nissan

Nissan:30 days - March, April
Alphabet:HEI — pictures wind, breath and praise
Tribe:Judah – “praise” the month of thanking God for deliverance
Characteristics:Repentance, Redemption, and Beginning of Miracles. This is a month for you to watch you speech, which provides the ability to express your deepest feelings and insights. This is also the time to put your best foot forward.
Constellation:Aries (the ram, lamb) — celebrate the Passover lamb as heaven and earth connect.
Color/Stone:Dark Red and Sky Blue/Garnet or Blue Topaz

The Hebraic month of Nissan is the first of the twelve months in the Jewish calendar. This is the month linked with the tribe of Judah – the apostolic leadership, warring tribe, who knew how to operate with sound. This is key time to PRAISE! Remember Judah goes first! This is also the time of spring when kings go out to war (2 Sam. 10:1).

Nissan is the month of Passover, and the entire month is a prolonged festival. It’s the month of redemption, the month of the beginning of miracles, and the month that sets the course for your future.

Nissan is associated with the Hebrew letter HEI which signifies violent praise. To the Jews, the letter HEI pictured the wind blowing through a lattice over a window. Prophetically this signifies a window with the wind of God blowing down into you every year. The Spirit of God needs to blow on you during this month.

Nissan is a time to put your best foot forward, just as Israel did when they headed out of Egypt toward the Promised Land. So step forth in strength and consider where the Lord is leading you in the coming year.

Adar is the month to root out depression and despair so faith can break through into your thought processes. We all have roots of depression and despair to some degree, but we can overcome these roots with the joy of gladness. Take off the cloak of heaviness and put on you garment of praise.