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Back to Israel ... via Rome!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Dear Friends of the God of Israel:

When our schedule changes unexpectedly, we have a choice in how we respond.  As you can read below, Daniel and Amber’s travel to Israel was reordered and they were delayed and rerouted to another gateway city to Israel.  I love Amber’s exhortation on perspective.  Watch all week how a seeming disturbance can be the LORD’s means of positioning you for breakthrough.

Chuck D. Pierce

Sunday, May 14, 2017

What looks like a massive inconvenience is wrapped with the call of God.  So watch as schedule disturbances occur this week.  When a major flight is canceled, our first thoughts are, “Oh no!”  The entire flight of people panics and then you realize that you are very grateful to not be getting on a plane with mechanical issues. 

Daniel, Lily, Elijah and I spent Saturday in the airport trying to figure out how we would get to Israel, after our flight was delayed and eventually canceled.  Not many flights were going to Europe at the time.  Brian Kooiman’s Saturday turned from Shabbat to at least five hours on the phone with the airlines.  After much searching, we found that the earliest flight out of Dallas that could accommodate us was a flight as far as Rome.  We will spend three days in Rome as a family until we connect to Israel on Thursday.  I have been telling Daniel for over a year that I felt like God was calling us to Rome.  President Trump will also visit Rome after he visits Jerusalem next week.

Watch for sudden changes in your schedule in this upcoming week.  What looks like an inconvenience is wrapped with the call of God.  There is a mission on hand for you this week.  Now the Pierce family will enter Israel via Rome.  We pray that all of you will find your divine gate of passage this week!  Remember, the call of God is wrapped in a scheduling conflict!

Pierce Family
Daniel, Amber, Lily and Elijah Pierce

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